Handy Tool – Statistics Parser

The next blog in my series of Handy Tools, I give you statisticsparser.com . Thank you, Richie Rump (t)! This awesome free tool allows you to take the output from statistic io, time and paste it into the web page. It will then parse all that information into a useful and more readable output and aggregate your reads, CPU time, scans, etc at the bottom. This is great if you’re working with a client who doesn’t have all the nifty tools installed but you need to see where the pain is.


First, you want to execute a query with SET STATISTICS IO, TIME ON


Copy out the data from the messages tab and paste that into the webpage, then click the parse button.


Scroll down to the bottom and check out the aggregated results to see where your query is doing the most work.



I hope you found this post helpful, I look forward to doing a few more HandyTools blog posts.

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