Finding the Least and Greatest value over multiple columns.

I had a situation last week where I needed to find the MIN() and MAX() values of some data. Normally this would be pretty straightforward, but the problem was I needed to identify the MIN() and MAX() values amongst multiple columns. So today I bring you a SQL tip using APPLY. Looking at sys.procedures we … Continue reading Finding the Least and Greatest value over multiple columns.

T-SQL Tuesday #101: Handy Tools

It’s T-SQL Tuesday time again, and this month the host is Jens Vestergaard(t) whose topic of choice is The Essential SQL Server Tools in my stack Luckily for me, I started a Handy Tools blog series this year for the sole purpose of sharing all the amazing tools I use on a daily basis, so I was pleasantly surprised … Continue reading T-SQL Tuesday #101: Handy Tools

Handy Tool – Statistics Parser

The next blog in my series of Handy Tools, I give you . Thank you, Richie Rump (t)! This awesome free tool allows you to take the output from statistic io, time and paste it into the web page. It will then parse all that information into a useful and more readable output and aggregate your reads, … Continue reading Handy Tool – Statistics Parser